Breastfeeding Bliss offers you individual two hour consultations in your home during the time your baby is breastfeeding.

Established in October 2004 as Natural Feeding Support, Breastfeeding Bliss assists mums to develop breastfeeding techniques and flexible routines.

An internationally board certified Lactation Consultant, Janice works with mums to help you establish breastfeeding. As pre-school Mothercraft Nurse working with babies and children she has assisted hundreds of mums with many varied experiences with full term, premature babies and multiple births, working both in maternity hospitals and in the home setting.

Janice also provides antenatal consultations to support you gain accurate information about breastfeeding your baby. She provides consultations through hospital visits and home visits after discharge from hospital.

After visiting the Maternal Child Health Nurse to record the baby's development is another great opportunity for mums to gain further support and confidence. Janice can keep in contact for continued reassurance as needed.

What happens in a typical session?

Janice will work closely with the mum to understand your concerns with breastfeeding. This includes:

  • reviewing pregnancy and birth history
  • observing the breastfeed
  • offering suggestions with parenting skills
  • assisting you to give expressed milk for top up feeds
  • settling your baby after playtime interaction.

At the end of the consultation Janice in discussion with the mother will provide you with a written plan to suit your needs and follow up by phone call the following day.


Breastfeeding Bliss encourages the family to attend community groups to enhance the success for breastfeeding, being supported around other mothers and families to share experiences of parenting with your children.