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Individual consultations are for two hours, where Janice will observe your baby breastfeeding, offer support and communicate with the mum and family to suggest techniques and strategies to meet your needs.

What happens in a typical session?

Janice will work closely with the mum to understand and acknowledge your concerns with breastfeeding. This includes:

  • reviewing pregnancy and birth history
  • observing the breastfeed
  • offering suggestions with parenting skills
  • assisting you to give expressed milk for top up feeds
  • settling your baby after playtime interaction.

At the end of the consultation Janice in discussion with you will provide a written plan to suit your needs and follow up by phone call the following day.

Successful breastfeeding relationships begin from birth; forming a loving,secure bond with your baby through breastfeeding.

Important tips for success:- The mother being comfortable in chair with foot support;relaxing environment with music along with partner and family support.