Together we can make breastfeeding work for:

  • Babies who are Full term, special needs and multiple birth
  • Expressing milk for premature/unwell baby
  • Flat/inverted  nipples
  • Tiredness from birth – adjusting to motherhood
  • Engorgement – full/tight breasts

        Baby not taking in enough breast – painful feeding

  • Low milk supply
  • Fast flow of milk
  • Prevention of Breast infections is best
  • Blocked milk ducts- mastitis                                                    
  • Cracked nipples - nipple thrush                                               


Breastfeeding can be related to riding a bicycle. Gaining confidence, continue to practice your techniques and each day will become easier to get your balance to ride / breastfeed for as long as you and your baby desire           
photo1Clancy web    Getting outside the home with your baby - walk around the street,to the park, will allow you to relax and enjoy the environment outdoors

  • Increasing your milk supply -   breastfeeding your baby frequently every 3 -4 hours ; topping up on the second breast again if baby unsettled; expressing by hand/electric hospital grade pump after every feed
  • This enables your baby to have all breast milk feeds.
  • Correct attachment and comfortable positions feeding are the key elements to prevent sore/cracked nipple

There are many ways you can help and support the breastfeeding mother

Providing balanced diet regular meals, keeping up your fluids, water is the best thirst quencher, breastfeeding is thirsty work.

baby playtime/bathing activities..settling after breastfeed

  • having ME time without the baby; partner take care of the baby                          
  • Having support from your partner, family & friends whilst establishing your milk supply during the first 6 weeks to your baby appetite......
    • Breastfeeding can have hurdles to jump : attachment, low milk supply.... these can be corrected with getting some rest during the day and few hours of sleep overnight
    • When the baby sleeps, you get some rest too.
    • To book your individualised appointment for breastfeeding success with your baby please call Janice on 0439 633 455

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 Express milk after feeding and cuddling your babies skin to skin

Multiple and preterm births, double pumping (hospital grade pump) to save time , efficient in increasing milk volume

  • Supply and demand on regular intervals
  • When the baby is hungriest at beginning of feed on average 10-15-20 minutes of quick and then strong sucks with swallowing the fattier,high calorie milk as the oxytocin hormone releases the milk from the milk ducts at back of the breast.  Offer second side ,maybe 5 - 10 min of sucking to give baby contentment of a full stomach


  • Importance of kangaroo / skin to skin cuddles with your baby provides bonding with both mother & partners; warm incubator for baby to sleep; increases milk volume in relaxing and comfortable environment, heart rate monitor readings are stable with high oxygen saturations

      30.5 weeks  1 week age